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December 2022

Logitude World provides you with the leading full-lifecycle digital freight forwarding software. It combines the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep understanding of the freight forwarding industry.

Since Logitude’s SaaS solution is rich in software modules, release notes are regularly issued to keep users up-to-date about new features and enhancements, as well as changes that have been made since the previous release.

This version of the release notes introduces new features and functionalities and describes existing features that were enhanced.

New Features

Customer Digital Portal

The Customer Digital Portal is a new, branded, and dedicated web portal module that provides your customers with real-time digital visibility of their shipments and invoices.

Since the customer portal is a Logitude module, it is working directly on your database; there is no need to activate data transfer to any external solution. All the updates that you receive in Logitude based on your connection with your partners: Airlines, Carriers, Truckers, Customs, and Warehouses can be shared with your customers.

Giving your customers direct access to their data will help you as much as it helps them. They can get quick updates without delays while also getting direct answers to their questions. This will help both you and your customers avoid errors. Your customers can access it from a desktop, mobile device, or tablet; it’s simple to use and manage.

To activate this feature, please contact us at

USA Market

  1. Updated Ports & Terminals Lists

As part of our continuing plan of development and enhancements, we updated the list of United States ports with the correct state. So when you add a new US port, you can see which state it is in.

The lists of terminals and firms’ codes have been updated in Logitude.

  1. Cross Dock Module (not only used by USA market)

The Cross Dock Module can be used to manage the entry of the cargoes that arrive at your warehouse and then manage the process of releasing these cargoes from the warehouse. This module can be used for export, import shipment, or not connected to any shipment.

Logitude has improved the Export Process, and new features were added regarding the Cross Dock.

To learn more about the Cross Dock Module with the new export process, please refer to Cross Dock Quick Tour in the help resources.

  1. UOM in Printed Documents

Because the units of measurement used in the United States are pounds and inches, but kilograms and centimeters are used worldwide, we prepared new infrastructure that allows you to create documents using both UOM types in addition to the existing documents and messages

For the standard documents in the system, you can choose the new USA templates that include these values:

  • Authority to Make Entry
  • Ocean Manifest
  • Release Bill of Lading
  1. CARICOM Document

Logitude has supported the CARICOM (Caribbean Common Market) invoice that is used when exporting goods from the U.S. to one of the 15 Caribbean countries that belong to the Caribbean Community and Common Market trade agreement.

This addition allows you to view all the supplier invoices that are related to your packages with other receivables.

You can implement that by using the package items for each package, as shown in the screenshot below:

Mexican Market

As published by the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT) on its website, the first early version of the second resolution of modifications to the RMF for the year 2022 was extended to March 31st, 2023, for taxpayers who chose to continue issuing CFDIs under version 3.3, as well as withholding and payment CFDIs under version 1.0.

Logitude has developed all of the requirements needed for the new version. This release includes :

1- Payment Multi Currency

A payment can complete many invoices in different currencies, so all payments made in Mexico can be sent to SAT with the invoices that were closed in other currencies.

2- SAT Waiting for Cancellation Queries

To keep the SAT status of invoices up-to-date, Logitude provides you with a new query that displays all invoices that have not yet had their status updated.

Also, by clicking on “Check SAT Status,” you can update the status from the invoice level.

3- Period of Consolidation Invoice

According to the new dispositions of SAT in Mexico, global invoices are made only when the operation will be with “público en general”, and only in this case, you need the period of the operation, for example, daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Based on that, the period of the consolidated invoice is not required anymore, and filling it will be done by you when the operation is with “público en general”.

4- Update AMANAC Ocean File

A minor update was made to AMANAC files in ocean shipments in order to help comply with the new requirements of electronic transmission for the National Customs Agency. A new column, “Referencia,” has been added and will be filled with a value of “.”.

Enhanced Features

1- Quotes Enhancements

  • Accept/Decline Notes Field

A new field was added to record the user’s decision to accept or decline the quote. This field allows you to search for and filter quotes by reason. The notes field can now be added as a column to a quote query, allowing you to see the closing notes from the query view.

  • Quotation with VAT

In case you need to print in the quotation the calculated tax amount and the total amount per charge type, we updated the quotation tool so you can decide per template what columns for pricing you want to choose.

2- Automations Module Enhancements

The Automations Module can be used to define entity-related actions that should be executed automatically when triggered by a condition. These definitions are called “Automations”. For example, you can define that, upon the creation of a new direct shipment (the condition), an arrival notice document follow-up should be created or an email should be sent to a certain user or contact automatically (the result action).

 AR Invoice Automation 

“Is Constituent” and “Is Consolidation” are new fields that were added to the conditions in the AR Invoice Automation so you can run the automation in the cases of the Constituent and Consolidation invoices.

3- Creating A/P Payments from inside the AP Invoice

Working with agents, you usually work with statements and multiple AP invoice payments. But sometimes, or with other partners, you would like to prepare the payment right from the AP invoice, print it, and give it to your vendor.

In order to make the entire payables process much smoother, you can now create a new A/P payment directly from inside the AP invoice. Once inside an approved invoice, you can navigate to the Payments tab and create a new payment directly. Working with Agents you usually work with Statements and multi AP Invoice payments. But sometimes, or with other partners, you would like to prepare the payment right from the AP Invoice, print and give to your Vendor

 You can now create a new A/P payment directly from inside the A/P Invoice. Once inside an approved Invoice, you can navigate to the Payments tab and create a new payment directly. This will make the entire payables process much smoother. 

4- Improvements in BI Reports

The BI Reports Module helps you query the data in the Logitude Data Warehouse (DW), for reporting, decision-making, and analyzing the measurable aspects of your business.

The following new fields are now available to be added to your BI reports:

  1. Pre Carriage/In Carriage details in houses: You may now create a shipment report that includes the entire routing of the house shipments, including the Pre Carriage and On Carriage legs. Using the shipment fact, you can see the shipment movements and stops for Pre Carriage and On Carriage legs.
  2. Declaration Number: The shipment Declaration Number can be added to the Reports based on the AR Invoice fact.

5- New Variables in Reports and Documents

  • New Invoice Layout
  • Combined Transport Bill of Lading

These documents are available to be uploaded from the general Library using Shipment>Docs out> Check New available templates as shown below:

To add these variables to your templates, contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards enhanced productivity! We are here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to our dedicated support team at

For Sales, please contact:

Or visit our FAQ page for more information.

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