A long-awaited Memorandum of Understanding – MoU has been recently signed by Logitude. It is an exceptional achievement in the logistics business. After negotiations and clarifications, the final task is completed. Logitude’s bundled service provides a number of benefits for businesses and consumers because it removes some barriers and requires improved implementation of the logistics process. The focus of our activity is transparency.

Regarding the cooperation, the CEO of CARVRE SEVEN and Inter-ConneX – Michael von Loesch, left a very impressive and memorable comment:

« We have been working with Logitude for a few weeks now; we have come to learn and understand each others core values and I am glad to see that Logitude carries the same positive drive to servicing customers.  A Network needs to bring value to its Members; benefits that are designed to provide tools and options. Logitude is an extremely capable package based modern technology. The negotiations with Logitude resulted in a 25% discount for CARVRE SEVEN and Inter-ConneX Members on Logitude’s most popular packages. A great discount that was achieved by advising Logitude that in our transparent approach to Members we are not interested in a kickback scheme for Member’s direct contracts and payments. A commission fee for the Network ultimately just increases cost of users, which has a negative result for the Forwarder and the Vendor Partner since it might price them out of the market ».

Generally speaking, the presented platform for freight forwarders is extremely effective. Its most valuable advantage is the easy, fast and seamless transmission of information between the various members. This creates many useful interactions between the parties.
About Logitude:

  • Logitude is a large Luxembourg-based company operating in Frankfurt, London, Zurich and Manila.
  • The freight forwarding system is easy and convenient to use and includes several basic modules that are needed by everyone who coordinates the logistics process. Access to them is free for anyone who pays a subscription.
  • Logistics software provides freight forwarders with a reliable online SaaS (Software as a Solution) cargo management system. It is in this way that a number of steps in the forwarding process are improved. The system offers only modern technologies that have been proven to work.

The advantages of using the software contribute to the flourishing of the logistics process, and they are the following:

  • maximum customer convenience
  • scalability
  • functionality
  • security
  • higher sales

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