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How does your business benefit from using freight forwarding solutions?

Have you ever wondered how companies track their shipments and coordinate cargo from one destination to the next? If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage shipments, then look no further than freight forwarding solutions for your business. Below we outline the significance of freight forwarding and why every business should utilize this indispensable system for organizing the transportation of goods.

What is freight forwarding?

As complicated as it may sound, freight forwarding is a straightforward, efficient approach for businesses like yours to manage and track the shipment of goods. A freight forwarding company is accountable for the passage of products from one destination to another. Freight forwarders are responsible for the following actions:

  • The arrangement of the entire process for shippers – from pickup to storage to shipping the merchandise.
  • They are the intermediate party between shipper and transporter which negotiates the best price and the most reliable and fastest route.

What are the advantages of using freight forwarding services?

A freight forwarder makes the import and export process for companies seamless. Their specialized services provide efficient and stress-free interactions for the transportation of goods. There are many advantages for businesses that utilize freight forwarding solutions for the transportation of merchandise. Some of the most significant benefits of using freight forwarding are:

  • Freight forwarders are extremely knowledgeable in the elements of the supply chain; therefore, they can meet tight deadlines and create an organized system for the delivery of goods.
  • Handle unforeseen obstacles such as delayed goods or rerouted services so you don’t have to.
  • Provide excellent customer service and form relationships with global agents, ensuring a streamlined process.
  • Cost savings: freight forwarders can negotiate costs due to the large numbers of containers that pass through each and every day.
  • Contract-free: freight forwarders offer more freedom for your business because they work without binding contracts. Having the freedom to choose carriers also ensures higher levels of above-standard customer service.
  • Assistance for all levels of shipping from packaging to warehouse and customs.
  • Ensuring goods arrive at the correct destinations, saves you money.

Services provided by freight forwarders:

There are a range of services that a freight forwarder can provide for your company. These services include:

  • Inventory management
  • Door-to-door services
  • Purchase order tracking
  • On-demand reporting
  • Insurance
  • Clearance at customs
  • Documentation for international export and import
  • Packing – including the consolidation of items
  • Storage

A freight forwarder’s direct responsibility is to ensure service, speed, and accuracy with every shipment. They are the backbone of any company that transports goods. Analyzing your company’s unique needs for shipping and transportation will determine if freight forwarding is right for you. Remember that a freight forwarder’s main objective is to alleviate the daunting tasks associated with shipping and transporting merchandise and they are, therefore, an essential component in keeping businesses moving and growing the way that they should.

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